Adaptec SCSI cards

Ok, I know that the Fsys.aha8scsi driver is in beta right now, and I
know that it has support for the Adaptec 7870 and 7880 chipsets, and
that there is no foreseeable release date for the 7890 chipset (found on
the U2 scsi host cards). So, my question simply is, has anyone done a
cross-refernce check for what Adaptec cards will be supported by the
current Fsys.aha8scsi beta driver? In other words, which cards are the
7870 and 7880 chipsets found on? I’m not finding this info easy to come
by on the Adaptec site. Basically, I am trying to plan procurement for 4
systems this year and am trying to get straight what commonality exists
between QNX and ADAPTEC support on this issue. FYI, the only PCI-to-SCSI
adapters that ADAPTEC is still shipping are:

AHA-2930U (20MB/S) 50HD conn
AHA-2940AU (20 MB/S) 50HD conn
AHA-2944UW (40 MB/S) 68HD conn

The 2940AU is on the QNX Supported Hardware list, so I see that as a
possible candidate, pending a dialog with ADAPTEC on how long they plan
to produce the 2940AU. Has anyone heard anything more specific on what
cards the aha8 is being targeted for?


Kipp Peppel
SRI International