Booting problems


I have finally able to lay my hands on QNX RTP. I think it’s QNX although I
am not very sure. The date printed on the CD is 09/22/00.

I have installed QNX RTP in C drive accepting all default installation
options. But I am not able to run QNX. These are messages I get when I boot
(using the Verbose mode).

  • Try EIDE
  • Detected EIDE. Scanning for devices
  • This can take upto 30 seconds …
  • Starting devb-eide blk auto=partition eide dma, ioport=0x1f0, irq=14 eide
    dma, ioports=0x170, irq=15
  • No eide interfaces found
  • /.diskroot file for root not found on any filesystem
  • Starting with safe mode
  • Starting fs-pkg -f/pkgs/base/safe-config/etc/system/package/package
  • [4102] fs-pkg built: Sep 7 2000 16:00:23
  • Warning [/pkgs/base/safe-config/etc/system/package/package] doesn’t seem
    to exist
  • Can’t access package config file
  • Unable to access packages
  • Starting /bin/sh /pkgs/base/safe-config/etc/system/sysinit


After the last message, it just seems to hang. Please help.

Thanks for your time,

Best regards,
Adnan <>