ISAPNP Yamaha OPL3-SAx Card Problems

I am having problems getting QNX to recognize my ISAPNP Yamaha OPL3-SAx Sound Card. Specifically, every time I open media player, I get the error message, “Could not connect to the audio driver. (May not be running.)” I do not know where I would go to configure QNX’s audio settings. I do know that my sound card is Sound Blaster compatiable.

Here is a listing of the output by /sbin/enum-isapnp


#6160417 PNPBIOS version=1.00
#6160417 PNPISA revision=1 num=2 ioport=213
D6160417 bus=isapnp devid=YMH0020 card=1 sernum=2156265473
D6160417 bus=isapnp devid=YMH0022 ioport=0220 ioport1=0530 ioport2=0388 ioport3=0330 ioport4=0370 irq=5 dma=0 dma1=1
D6160417 bus=isapnp devid=USR3090 card=2 sernum=1179010630

I do not know what version of QNX I am running. However, I did just recently download the CD ISO from on 2/16/2001.

Is there any chance of getting sound to work, even if it is through some generic drivers?

Lowell Smith