Photon in X ??

Hi all,

I am going to install QNX on a rather old machine in the nex days, I want to use it mainly as file server, web server and maybe some other things.

That machine, after the installation, will be without a monitor in a corner of my room, so I am looking for any way to use it remotely from my PC (Linux, WinXX or Beos) or my Amiga.

Apart from using telnet :slight_smile:
I already use VNC (for windows) and an X server (for linux) from my amiga without problems.
that allows me to have locally a display of the remote machine.

I know there are 2 packages for QNX: phinX and Phinwin, question is:
are they included in the freely downloadable QNX dist?
Where can I get them?
How do they work?

As I use my Amiga X server to log in the Linux box it would have been nice to have the 3rd pc with a unix clone on it so that I could run chooser and choose in wich machine log on…but I fear that it is not possible with QNX (I mean, does Photon have something like the XDM protocol built in?)

Another way could possibly be using the VNC protocol…but I personally don’t like it (too slow on a 10mbit network).

Any advice would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

thnx in advance





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