Not booting from hard disk & Floppy drive isn't accessin

Hello Everybody,

I have installed QNX 4.5 in my new ‘HP Presario 1115L’ machine using QNX installation CD. I am facing the following problems.

  1. I couldn’t make a QNX boot floppy during the installation. Even if I had inserted a new floppy disk in the drive, it was asking me to insert a disk in the floppy drive (It was not detecting the floppy disk - so I aborted that).

  2. After the installation I am not able to boot from the hard disk. (I am using LILO as the boot loader - The other 2 OSs are booting well).
    So I maid a QNX boot floppy from my friend’s system and using that I am able to boot QNX in my system (Though the floppy drive was not detecting during the installation!!).

  3. After booting QNX using the floppy, I am not able to mount any floppy disk using the mount comand. While trying that, getting the following error message:
    mount: mount() of /dev/fd0 failed: Input/Output error.(I maid sure that the Fsys.floppy is running.)
    (Even the fdformat & dinit commands are not working.)

So what will be the problems? It will be a great help if anyone can give me a solution for these problems.
(1. Not booting from the Harddisk.
2. Not able to use the Floppy drive)

Thanking you all in advance
(I am a beginner in QNX, but very curious on it)