3Com 3C590 Ethernet NIC

Dear QNX users

meanwhile I solved my ?04/?80 error problem using the 80h/81h swap option in
LILO. Now, everything works fine :slight_smile:) except that QNX does not detect my
3Com 3C590 Ethernet NIC so my QNX ist cut away from the rest of world at the
moment. :frowning: :frowning:


  • Is there a source on the Internet for getting third party drivers for QNX?
  • Or has QNX itself any plan to continually extend the list of supported

As I know, the 3C590 is very similar to the 3C900 (Iā€™m using 3C900 NICs in
two other machines), i.e. Linux uses the same module 3c59x.o for this card.
Both are PCI cards.