TFTP server


I’m working with QNX 6.3 evaluation for a x86 target. I want to use TFTP Server to download my OS image and boot up it on the target.
A minimal image is yet installed on the target, qconn run ok, and i’ve got the 2 views File System Navigator and Process Navigator for the target.
My problem is i have not the TFTP Server when i open IDE buider, in fact i can just see titles "IP host " and “PORT 69” ??? The communication TCP/IP between host and target is well because my target is “mounted” on my IDE.
I don’t know how customize my QNX (inetd, .conf,…?) to obtain TFTP Server. I ask you help please.

Thank you very much.

I assume you are running QNX on your host machine where IDE builder is. You can modify /etc/inetd.conf, search for “tftpd” and to take out the leading # for that line. Kill and restart “inetd”.

You may also need bootpd for boot remote, unfortunately QSSL has moved bootpd to their network TDK. If you are a paying customer, you can download the bootpd from

thank you noc,

Now I wait a second evaluation period. I’d try to modify the inetd.conf and re-launch my IDE with this new environnement.

I’ve got a new evaluation period for QNX 6.3 IDE builder.
I’ve uncommented the tftp line in the file /etc/inetd.conf and restarted inetd (Rq : inetd don’t run when QNX start?); but the TFTP server view is disable again, the view show only "IP host " and “PORT 69” like before. The line which i’ve uncommented is “tftp dgram udp wait root /usr/sbin/tftpd in.tftpd”. I don’t know how configure the server, now i can just see the target’s processus and the root file system, but i wisch download the OS image.
thank you for yours suggestions…

Is your IDE box running Windows, or self hosted?

in self hosted,…
… yesterday i understood why the remote boot didn’t run. In fact my boot rom use only PXE and another unknow protocol to boot, and not TFTP or BOOTP. My tftp server is listening well a request but the bios (or boot rom) don’t find it because the protocol isn’t known. It’s a problem of network and bios but not QNX IDE problem. Usually if a request is received by the tftp server, itself send a file (*.ifs in “Images” directory) to the client ROM, which boot it and donwload the file .etc…
Thank you for your help,

PXE ? this article may be helpful: