Default cardtype in "pin" and a PCMCIA SRAM card without int

Update to previous postings 26. marts 2001 14:34 in
qdn.public.qnxrtp.installation + comp.os.qnx:
“2MB SRAM PCMCIA card is not recognized”

According to th book “The PCMCIA developer’s Guide, third edition”
from Syscard Technology

page 273: “Many SRAM cards do not contain a CIS”
page 274: “When memory card device drivers detect the absence of a CIS, it
assumes an SRAM card…”

Is it possible to use a PCMCIA SRAM card without internal CIS code together
with QNX Neutrino or RTP ?
(CIS = Card Information Structure)
If yes - how ?

The “pin” utility is not able to detect a card without CIS

Any ideas how to get a SRAM PCMCIA card up and running on RTP?