nVidia driver for QNX4.25 / Photon1.14

QNX4.25 / Photon1.14 does not start on TFT monitor using nVidia graphics card FX5600XT; the monitor remains black.
The driver Pg.tnt is not being taken automatically; crttrap safe has no other result.
Is there another driver availlable ?
What would be the correct crt for this graphics card ?


If the vesa driver doesn’t work, you are out of luck. nVidia doesn’t release any info on writing drivers for their hardware, and since they don’t write drivers for QNX4, the card is just useless. You can send it to me and I will get you a card which works good in QNX4. ;-)


hehe :slight_smile:
or switch to the industrial standard GUI like X Window which has a better graphics card support. This should give you a much broader future upgrade path, including QNX 6.

Thanks for you message.
I have run QNX 6.2.1 on another partition on the same PC, same nVidia FX5600, same TFT and it works perfect with Photon.
Now what are the parameters for the crt under QNX4 ?
Because the TFT monitor has trouble here, I believe the option -R60 for 60 Hz must be inserted, but how ?
So the first line may read somewhat like:
vesabios.ms -i0x0117 (?); Pg.tnt -HNqnx/crt …? …-R60…?
Could you possibly tell, what the correct line would have to look like ?

I do need QNX4 because of some other applications.

Best regards

FX5200, FX5700 work with Pg.flat (flatdc) on QNX4.25/Photon1.14 but very slowly :frowning:((