Building QNX BSP and having trouble with Voyager browser...

Just a little background, I’m booting QNX on a X86 system where a BIOS
extension copies the OS image from flash into ram where it decompresses and
runs the OS, mounts a flash disk and loads up everything else… The BIOS
supports PCI and the usual stuff.

I’m trying to implement the Voyager browser 2.10 under Neutrino 2.0 and have
weird problem when starting up the browser. In my config.full file, I
my proxy server and make sure my ports are correct, but when I start the
browser, I get “Error: DNS Failure” in big letters in the browser window.
Here’s the weird part, if I click on the Edit Tab and select Preferences,
click on the Connection tab in the window that appears, then simply change
anything in the Connections menu and click on Apply, I can then surf the
It almost seems like something may not be getting initialized when I start
browser. I would like the browser to launch when I start my OS without
getting this initial DNS failure message. Here’s my config.full file.

[WWW Section]
Width = 640
Height = 480
Use RGB Selector = FALSE
Use Proxy Server = TRUE
Toolbar Icons = 3
User Text Size = 2
Fixed Font = primasansmonobts
Heading Font = primasansbts
Body Font = TextFont
Background Color = ffffff
Body Text Color = 000000
HL Color =
Link Color = 0000ff
Visited Color = 008080
Active Color = ff0000
Max Connections = 5
Proxy Overrides = a
Socks Proxy Port = 80
Socks Proxy Address =
Gopher Proxy Port = 74
Gopher Proxy Address = mxwwp5
FTP Proxy Port = 74
FTP Proxy Address = mxwwwp5
HTTPS Proxy Port = 74
HTTPS Proxy Address = mxwwwp5
HTTP Proxy Port = 74
HTTP Proxy Address = mxwwwp5
Image Cache Size KB = 4096
Page Cache Size = 4
Cache Verify Policy = 1
Cache File Location = /fs0p0/.ph/voyager/vcache
Cache Size = 5000
Clear Cache On Exit = TRUE
Enable Disk Cache = TRUE
Auto Load Images = TRUE
Use Server Errors = FALSE
Underline Links = TRUE
Use 256 Colors = FALSE
Mail Server =
Email Address =
Home Page =
Last Visit Size = 86
Location Size = 146
Monitor Size = 16
Name Size = 200
Width = 628
Height = 450
[Print Layout]
Right Footer Format: = &D &t
Left Footer Format: = Page &p
Right Header Format: = &u
Left Header Format: = &w

Here’s the script I use to launch voyager with…

export PHOTON=/dev/photon
export PHOTON_PATH=/fs0p0
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/fs0p0/lib:/fs0p0/lib/dll
export PATH=/fs0p0/bin:/proc/boot:/fs0p0
export PHFONT=/dev/phfont
export HOME=/fs0p0
export TERM=qansi-m
export PHWM=pwm
export HOSTNAME=163.181.

cd /fs0p0/bin
…/pipe &
…/Photon &
…/waitfor /dev/photon
…/phfontFA -d /fs0p0/font_repository -j -s 300k &
…/waitfor /dev/phfont
…/io-graphics -g1024x768x16 -I0 -d0x5333,0x8A01 &
…/pwm &
…/devi-hirun kbd fd -d/dev/kbd ps2 kb -2 &

…/io-net -dpcnet -pttcpip &
…/waitfor -t 10 /dev/socket
…/dhcp.client -i en0 -m &
…/waitfor /dev/io-net/en0

…/vserver &
…/voyager -C /fs0p0/.ph/voyager/config.full &

And here’s the ifs file I used to build my OS image…

Search path where mkifs will look for stuff on the host machine


Bootstrap section

Use virtual addressing (only choice) on an x86 system with a bios,

boot image
[virtual=x86,bios +compress] boot = {
startup-bios # The startup code to use
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/fs0p0/lib:/fs0p0/lib/dll:/proc/boot procnto # The initial
paths to be set }

Startup script, these binaries are only started here, they must be

[+script] startup-script = {
pci-bios # pci-bios driver
waitfor /dev/pci
devf-sc520 &
waitfor /fs0p0
devc-ser8250 -e -F -b57600 0x3f8,4 0x2f8,3
display_msg Executing startup-script
reopen /dev/console
devc-con & # start console driver

reopen /dev/con1 # redirect stdin, stdout and stderr to con1

[+session] TERM=qansi sh & # start shell

devb-eide & # floppy driver

waitfor /dev/hd0 20 # waitfor floppy driver to start, extend max from 5

to 20s

mount /dev/hd0t77 / # mount floppy disk fs as /

display_msg Press enter for a prompt


[type=link] /dev/console=/dev/con1

You’ll probably always need this

All files in boot image show up in /proc/boot. Link this to the normal

place for libc
[type=link] /usr/lib/ # Common Access Method lib, needed for devb-fdc # QNX4 fs lib, needed to mount fs on floppy # Block io lib, needed for libcam

[type=link] /dev/console=/dev/ser1
[type=link] /usr/sh=/proc/boot/sh

[data=c] # Tell OS to copy executables to different memory before

as opposed to loading directly from the image. This is


for executables.


Remember that this is an embedded target and not an installation from the

Does anyone have any suggestions on why my browser starts up with a DNS
or notice any mistakes in my scripts, voyager config files, or my ifs file?
Thanks… :slight_smile:

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