Has anybody used QNX4 and
the 3com 3CCFE575CT-D network
card working?

The QNX documentation is
completely useless because I
do not know the chipset of my
PCMCIA network card, and
so far 3com does not know
It is not easy to tell the chipset
of a PCMCIA network card,
since they are enclosed you can
not see any of the chips on the
PCMCIA cards.
Unfortunately 3com tech support
after 3 calls is still does not know
the chipset in my card. Also they
said all the 3com chipsets that I
named where 16-bit 10baseT
My laptop is dual bootable
between W98 and QNX4. I tried
using the IRQ and port address
range from W98 with all the
the 3com drivers and that

How do you buy a PCMCIA
network card that works?
My QNX sales representive
could not tell me a model number
of a card to buy. It is not easy
for 3com to tell me the chipsets
for there cards. I expect other
card makers would have trouble