QNX 6x slipstream ?

How do I slipstream QNX to add drivers to the install CD? I have played with it as a file within Windoz but want to install to its own partition and I have been unable to install a driver except when I download it from whithin QNX.

You can’t. Well I guess you could add the driver to the ISO image, but it still wouldn’t be real slipstreaming. It would just remove the need to download it. It would not install automaticaly.

OK but somewhere on that CD is a list of files to install. I’ll have to find it

I don’t think you will. Don’t assume because other OS do it that way that QNX does the same.

Last I check, the CD copies an image file on the HD. Hence you would have to recreated that image. That image can be mounted from QNX, so I guess to could use that as a base.