ISA bus digital output card on QNX ??

I am a new user for QNX.
I have a question here.
I hope to apply a 16-bit digital output card on the ISA bus for the QNX OS.
Can anyone suggest me any of the card that can be found in the market which match the requirement as above.

Thank you.


Any ISA card will do. Advantech, Kontron or whatever brand suits you. Make sure you get the specs (register stuff).

When you have the card, use ThreadCtl() mmap_device_io() munmap_device_io(), in8(), out8() to work with the card.


PS, why don’t you pick a PCI card. Doing a driver for this isn’t hard either.

Thank you, Freddy.

I will try looking for the card I want.
I cannot use PCI, as my computer only have ISA bus…

Will it be very difficult to write the code for this?

Does the I/O card have their own software library to apply on certain software language? If yes, is that suitable to be used on QNX OS?

Currently, I am using QNX 4.0.

Thank you.


Hitting the hardware couldn’t be simpler when it comes to straight DIO. The card’s manual will have DOS examples that you can follow. Replace outb() with out8() in the examples and you’re away.

The only requirement QNX places on the program is you have to request access to the hardware as already mentioned by Freddy.

For QNX4 you don’t need to request access to hardware, just link with -T1 option.

thanx to all of you.
I have just got my ISA card.
From the information I search, it is look like ThreadCtl() , mmap_device_io() is used for QNX neutrino.
My system is QNX 4, how to write the command to request access to hardware. If link with -T1 option, have to link at where?

I don’t understand the question “have to link at where”? -T1 option must be added to the command line that links and create the executable. There is no need for anything equivalent to ThreadCtl or mmap_device_io under QNX4. Just use inp() and outp() directlry.

thank you mario.
I have done my job.
It is really easy. Thanks a lot for your help.