error in connecting to Photon device?

I’ve just installed QNX onto a 20GB harddrive (into it’s own
partition). The rest of the disk is Windows2000 NTFS formatted and
bootable into Windows. The QNX partition booted without problems. Then
I went to boot the Windows partition, and it complained about a “disk
error” and ran a diagnostic utility. The utility “fixed” whatever it
didn’t like, and then finished booting Windows. Then when I went back
to boot the QNX partition, it started booting, but couldn’t launch
Photon device (Photon server). The error is below… has anyone seen
this or is there anywhere in documentation a list of what goes on after
the rc.d/sinit scripts run?

Detected EIDE. Scanning for devices
Installing /dev/par port 378
file /.swapfile added as swap device
file /.swapfile successfully added as a swap device
devi-hirun kbd fd -d/dev/kbd ps2 kb -2
login:PhOpen at “/home/vanmarle/cvs/photon/devi/lib/photon.c”:255: No
such file or directory
Error in connecting to Photon device.