Photon runtime 1.14C and savage-chipset


Does Photon runtime 1.14C support savege-chipset ?
I have laptop (HP Omnibook Xe3) and i would want to use
1024*768 resolution.

Readme-file of Photon 1.14C tells me, that there is
exist Pg.s3_savage-“driver”, but i can’t find it !!
Can i select it by some way ?

There are also problem with commaned: ph -s (and SVGA-mode),
because mouse does not work. Mouse works with vedit, but not
with Photon.

Once it seems to work with virge-chipset, but mouse didn’t
work correctly…

I have tried many ways, but very often computer has jammed
with black screen :frowning:

What i should to do ?