Flash or ram file system on a pc card with SRAM ?

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We try to use a 2MB SRAM pc card together with QNX 6.1 mounted in a PCMCIA
adapter and want to mount a file system on this RAM area if possible - but

The pc card has an attribute EEPROM, here is the output of some of the QNX
6.1 utilities:

Output from: pci -v

Class = Bridge (CardBus)
Vendor ID = 1180h, Ricoh Co Ltd
Device ID = 476h, RL5C476 CardBus controller
… etc.

output from pin (SRAM card mounted in socket 2)

Sock Func Type Flags PID Base Size IRQ
1 Empty ----MF---------- None
1 Empty ----MF---------- None
2 Unknown C—MF---------- None
2 Empty ----MF---------- None

output from pin cis

Socket : 2 - Function : 0
Device : SRAM 2048k
Card tuple version : 4.01
Manufacturer :
Name of product: : 2MB SRAM C
Add’nl info (lot#) :
Add’nl info (programming):
Sttribute Device : EEPROM 2k

Is it possible to use devf-generic, devf-ram, flashctl or is it nessary to
write our own device driver to the SRAM card ?

It is impossible to mount a file system then our application must be
to use a linear address space on the SRAM card (write/read) where is the
start address?

Any ideas or sample code how to get the SRAM pc card up and running on RTP
(or Neutrino 2) ?

Thanks in advance.
Otto Nielsen