what QNX version can I run?

Hi, I want to know if openQNX run in an (notebook) P150 with 16MB of RAM and HD 2GB.

OpenQNX is just the name of this website, and a project which makes/ports software to QNX. I think a machine of that vintage may run QNX 2 or 4, but not the most recent versions, without a hefty RAM upgrade.

By OpenQNX, you probably meant the free QNX, aka QNX 6 Non Commercial. The disk space looks fine but I’ve never tried on the little RAM. The normal QNX 6 requirement is for the IDE and that’s why lots of RAM is needed. With a text console, your RAM may be ok.

Thanks for answer me, I tryed last saturday with QNX 6 and works, it fits in memory but uses 88% of the memory, so I will try an older version.

I’m impressed that that did work. Did you customise it at all?

BTW: QNX 6.3.0 is your best bet for a Momentics install, the earlier 6.x installs will be even hungrier on RAM me thinks.