I am porting QNX6.2 OS to 6 x86 based boards.
Each board is having different network cards & Graphic cards.

I wanted to have a generalized build file so that i can have load same image on to all the x86 boards.
Since the boards have different network cards & graphic cards, i want to detect which type of card in on the board & then start appropriate driver.

I used enum-devices utility to acheive this.

From the command line i gave the following,

enum-devices -c < cfgfile> -e < pci > -v

(cfg file contains all the six boards card specification & start commands)

This works fine & appropriate driver starts…

I have built the image & booted the tareget board. when i gave same above command,
enum-devices -c < cfgfile> -e < pci > -v
it gives error /proc/boot/enum-pci file not found.

I have included enum-devices & pci utility in my build file.

Can u pls suggest remedy for this


Did you include enum-pci in the boot image? It doesn’t use the pci utility.