Potential contribution: High Quality 2D Vector Graphics


My name is Maxim and I’d like to discuss a possibility to make a contribution to your OpenQNX world.

Scalable 2D Vector Graphics of high quality allows for creating graphic user interfaces of new generation, that is, scalable controls and icons, all imaginable transformations (linear and non-linear), perfect Anti-Aliasing with subpixel accuracy, any kinds of gradients, Gouraud shading, image transformations, path operations, vector boolean algebra, and much much more.
I hope if OpenQNX has a well developed 2D graphic interface of model quality and the functionality like in SVG (w3.org/Graphics/SVG), it would be a good deal of extra competition.

I’m working on an open source 2D graphics library called Anti-Grain Geometry and now I’m trying to learn about any kind of potential interest from the OpenQNX community to include it as a 2D rendering engine. The library is written in industrially standard C++, it’s platform independent, fast and robust. The library is lightweight, the core codebase is only 1.6MB of C++ sources.
It’s all here: antigrain.com
Screenshots: antigrain.com/screenshots/
Demo examples: antigrain.com/demo/

The library has been tested on the following platforms:
MacOS 9, MacOS X
SUN Sparc/SUN Solaris (32 and 64bit)

At the beginning my personal interest is to try AGG on QNX. Currently the interactive demo examples can run under Win32, X11, MacOS Carbon API, native BeOS API, native AmigaOS API. If QNX has its own API to create user interfaces (different from X11-based ones) I would highly appreciate if somebody could volunteer to port the examples to QNX (all we need is just one file, agg_platform_support.cpp, 20…40KB). If QNX uses X11 all the examples should compile and run instantly.

So, if there is any interest in my work I’m open for any kind of discussions, cooperation/collaboration, and so on.

Hi Maxim,

Wow … your library looks great ! … A native port to QNX will be terrific! I sure could use it to build cool looking GUI … a change
from the dull looking Photon widgets :wink:


Thanks! Actually, Thegman has tried AGG under X11 and it works with very few modifications (he added <strings.h> to src/X11/agg_platform_support.cpp, some paths to makefiles and the -lpthread option).

It’d de really great to write a PhotonAPI based environment for the demos, but it’s not of high priority.