uninstall QNX from.... QNX


I’ve installed qnx on a windows XP partition and now my notebook boot only on QNX i can’t access to windows… how can i boot on windows or how can i uninstall qnx from the prompt of qnx???

Scuse me for my bad english.

when the system starts, there is a short period of time when you can choose where to boot from. the so-called ‘bootloader’ says ‘boot partition x’ and you may hit the keys ‘1’ through ‘4’, depending on which partition your win or qnx sits.

if you have no idea about this location, or if you want to modify your ‘favourite’ boot partition, you may either start qnx from the harddisk or from the orinal cd (from where you installed it), open ‘terminal’ from the menu bar and (oh, you should have logged in as ‘root’ to perform this) type ‘/sbin/fdisk /dev/hd0’ and ENTER.

a small self-explanatory programm appears. with the arrow keys, select your win partition, hit ‘b’, a little star appears at the end of the line, then ‘s’, then ‘q’. dont’t fiddle too much else with this program, unless you know what you are doing, you can easily end up in wiping you win files. restart your pc, and it will boot into win by default. still you will have the chance to boot into qnx, if you only remember the figure ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’ or ‘4’ from the litte fdisk program.

you could also start your pc from the original win fd or cd, and most probably - i am not very much of a win user - you can run ‘fdisk’ from the dos prompt. looks a little bit different, but the options are the same.

if you want to get rid of the qnx bootloader, you may type ‘fdisk /mbr’ from the dos prompt, but after that it will be not so easy to boot into qnx again. what a shame !

p.s. : the win part refers to win98, i have no idea about win xp at all.

good luck, HELGE