why the qnx6.3 and qnx6.2.1 could not visit each other?

I try to use qnet to visit each other between two pc,one has qnx6.3,and anther has qnx6.2.1,it fails,why?by the way,how can I get online service from qnx by my support account?

There has been a few changes to qnet, the new manager is smaller and faster and has lost some feature, also I think some 64 bit functionality has been added. The qnet supplied with qnx 6.3 is not compatible with older ones and some apps break with these changes.

Use this: mount -T io-net /lib/dll/npm-qnet-compat.so
I’m told that that is the same sources as the qnx 6.2 qnet recompiled for qnx 6.3 so will talk with older qnets. However, pfm hasn’t been updated to handle the change in api so pfm breaks on the qnx 6.3 side or something like that.

I believe online support is via nntp on inn.qnx.com, click on “QNX Newsgroups” on the left, but if you want more immediate response then the usual answer is talk to your rep.