looking for a 6.3 CD

can any one of the european guys surface mail me a copy of the 6.3 CD ? i’ve been to several internet cafes now and ended up with a stack of non-usable CD’s. looks like burning an iso is just so difficult nowadays …
cash in advance, of course !
regards HELGE

Always burn at a slow speed. It’s generally accepted that 4x is best. Burners can’t truely handle above 8x. When using >8x the burner gets to the outer tracks and has to change speed, this creates a glitch in the recording that can be fatal.

oh thanks, i will try to filter this to the guys at the internet cafes.
just in case they will not believe me - which i doubt ;-) - here’s my request for a already burned cd still.
regards HELGE

I suggest you check with phearbear@home.se
I remember phearbear was the guy in Europe who advocated the “Burn a QNX CDROM” project back in the qnxstart days …

qnxstart … mmmm, those were the days :slight_smile:

Funny I burn at 40x all the time and never had a problem.( probably burn over 100 CD) I do have to burn DVD at 4x though even though the media is 8x (maybe related to cheap media)

Only long burns count, atleast 400 MB, and the data has to be critical, like binaries, but yep I’m sure some drives do work with some media. Count yourself lucky.

One thing I am sure of is that your fast burns will be less reliable at the speed transition points. It’s a simple issue of there is no true sectors and therefore no clean way of putting a break in the recording. It’s the same reason that makes buffer-underruns so destructive, btw making sure your burner never has to use the underrun protection is a wise move too.