How to install grub for qnx?

Since I am having problems booting from a CF topic , I am going to try using Grub. I downloaded the standard version .94 of grub and was able to compile it. I am using 6.2.0, and am wondering before I make my box unbootable, if someone that has installed grub before tell me the steps to using grub in QNX.

If you only have QNX on the CF, you will need to apply the qnxfs patch to the grub as discussed in this thread.

Everything else will be the standard grub stuff, which, you should be able to find enough document on the net.

Yes I only have QNX on the CF. I just tried downloading .93 of grub and installed the patches. It won’t compile for me though, since it seems to be looking for qnx4 headers and I am on 6.2.0. Any other ideas?

Post the errors.

The required headers are all in the patch. Are you sure you applied the patch properly?

BTW, you can find the pre-compiled binary of the latest grub 0.95 for QNX 6 at … bin.tar.gz

You can just download and untar it into your / directory.
eg: as root
cd /
tar zxvf grub-0.95-qnx6-bin.tar.gz

Run “/usr/local/sbin/grub” to install the grub to MBR and then modify the /boot/grub/menu.lst … Read the grub document for details.

Thanks for the link, I was able to get grub installed, and am able now to boot off my CF flash card without hitting ESC.