uname -v??

I have two QNX boxes that I thought were identical. But when
I run uname -v it spits out two different “versions”. This wouldn’t
bother me except the installer thinks both machines are up to date.

bash-2.04$ uname -v
bash-2.04$ uname -a
QNX qnxdev 6.1.0 2001/08/23-19:38:50edt x86pc x86
bash-2.04$ uname -v
bash-2.04$ uname -a
QNX qnxdev2 6.1.0 2001/06/25-15:31:48edt x86pc x86

I just updated qnxdev1 today 1/2/2001 and qnxdev2 was configured
in july.

Can anyone explain this?