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i begin testing a OS image with photon server, and i’ve a problem with the image’s size. If it’s more large than 3 Mo it doesn’t boot, in fact the screen show a lot of … , and stop there. I’ve read in the User’s IDE guide that we can use FileSystem Image (nobootable image) which may contain a lot of files to add to the bootable image, but i don’t know how do that with th IDE? And how mount this FileSystem in [rwx] ?
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Yes 3Meg is the limit for a PC.

You need to create a file system, look at mkefs utility. This is well documented. I beleive the section is called building embedded file system

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… but i’ve always a problem : once I’ve built an image .efs with mkifs utility, how can i add it to my OS image (.ifs), my IDE builder can’t make that for me because it say the message= “unable to combine /image_photon.ifs,/image_photon-flash.efs into _/efs-image_phototn.bin”, i looked for the mkimage file without success, this file doesn’t exist in my QNX 6.3 evaluation!
In fact i’ve got a *.efs image but i don’t know what do with it ? and if i mount my CompactFlash on my QNX neutrino host and copy my filesystem, what do i write in the boot-script to combine both ?

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I’ve had the same problem with images being over 3 MB and not booting. I’ve spent a fair amount of time Googling for solutions or instructions, but so far have found nothing. Does anyone have any insights?



It’s all in the QNX documentation. What hardware are you setting this up for?

I’ve found QNX documentation, (eg. buildqnx) but a lot of it is for older versions of the OS and I’m running QNX 6

There is plenty for QNX6, it comes with the OS.

I’d like to note that some BIOS’s seem to have a smaller limit. I had a lot of trouble with an older Dell server with QNX 6.3 until I manually pared down the boot image by removing unneeded drivers.

Here is my Google search of qnx.com in pursuit of documentation regarding building a boot image:

google.ca/search?hl=en&q=sit … e%22&meta=

I have found nothing regarding boot images themselves, just references to them. Building a boot image that lodas my >3MB OS image is the only solution I can see, but I’m not sure how to do that.

The page on buildqnx did not aid me, as I can’t seem to find it’s source or executable, most likely because the URL says qnx 4.25

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Why go on google, it’s all in the QNX documentation. There is a big section on how to do that. It’s under QNX Neutrino Realtime Operating System/Building Embedded Systems.

There is also a section under “QNX Momentics Intergrated Development Environment/Building OS and Flash Images”