QNX Consulting & Training

Q-TPS offers QNX Consulting and Training

For over 10 years Q-TPS has been offering consulting and training services
to the QNX community. (Formally under the name Cisco Computing.) Our rates
are very affordable and our services are often available during off-hours
too. For the last 6 months we are also offering our services for the QNX
6/RTP environment.

We offer these consulting services:

  • System configurations and upgrades.
  • Network configuration including TCP/IP configurations.
  • Help configuring Photon and it’s drivers.
  • Security analysis and setup.
  • Help embedding QNX into your favorite platform.
  • We can help you in diagnosing those elusive and highly intermittent
  • We can also do custom programming assignments for you, including custom
    device drivers.

We also offer these training services:

  • Help designing/porting your application to take advantage of the QNX
    philosophy - This is no small issue.
  • We offer training in how to do QNX IPC and programming with threads.
  • For those who require it, we offer C/C++ instruction along with help in
    object oriented design, even when using C.
  • We offer instruction in Photon programming.

An important feature of our training is that we offer all of our services to
you on your site. For the cost of sending one of your people for off site
training we can come to you. This has many advantages.

  • You can train several/many people for the cost of training just one.
  • You staff never has to leave you site (or your sight!). This means that
    when those emergengy situations come up, you staff is still on your site to
    deal with the day to day business.
  • We custom design our training to your needs and your application.
  • We train you on your equipment in your own environment.
  • We train you with your own application in mind.
  • You may choose to have some people attend certain classes while other
    people attend other classes.
  • We can also offer custom programming support when you require that kind of

We also offer telephone support to all of our consulting and training
customers. Sometimes you come across that elusive problem that just won’t
be solved. Let us help. One of our programmer/consultants is on call
almost every night and weekend. (Note: 24 hour availability is NOT a
guaranteed service. But our evening and weekend availability exceeds 80% of
the time.)

Our rates are very affordable. Call or write today for more information on
how we can help you.

1-(626) 824-7983