upgrade problem - unable to boot


Updated my QNX RTP version from 6.0 patch C to 6.1 using the upgrade
package available from the QNX on-line repository. I also created a boot
floppy for the new version. When I am booting up, I get an error message
“Unable to locate devc-con” . What went wrong? and how could it be



Found the following information in the qdn.qnx.com.

To fix the “devc-con” boot problem:
Boot up your QNX system and press [Space] when prompted during the boot
Select [F1] for Safe Mode.
Select [F4] to mount the file systems under /fs. Note: This will leave all
other file systems under /fs.
Press [Enter] to return to main menu.
Press [Enter] to continue the boot process. Ignore the various error
messages that appear and wait for the “Login” prompt.
Login as “root.”
Type “rm /fs/*/etc/system/package/packages.”
Type “shutdown.” Your system should now reboot and you should now be able
to log in to QNX again. Don’t use your system just yet because you will
need to redo the upgrade. Simply log in as “root” to bring up the desktop.

Start Voyager and click on this link: http://packages.qnx.com/upgradefix/qnx-upgrade-6.1.qpr .
This will download the Upgrade Fix Package. Install the package when
prompted. After the package is installed, you will get the “Shutdown”
dialog. Choose “Shutdown and reboot.”
Once your system is rebooted, you will be running the new release
properly. You can now visit the WWW Repository and download any of the
optional packages you wish to install.
Note ? If you don’t have Internet access from the RTP, you can download the
above upgrade package into Windows, reboot into QNX, and then install the
package by typing “pkg-installer ?u qnx-upgrade-6.1.qpr” from the
directory you downloaded the package into.