Running Apps built w/ PhAB for Windows

Any advice appreciated:

I’m building an apbuilder project with abbuilder for windows. Abbuilder
will generate the code and make. However, when I attempt to execute the
resulting file on a machine with qnx rtp , the shell replies :

…/test[1]: syntax error: `^Ap^E^P4>>^W4’ unexpected

I’m assuming that this file is not an executable. How do I get Appbuilder
for Windows to generate a file that can run on the rtp platform?

Additional information:

When I attempt to run the executable from inside Appbuilder, I get an error

/cygdrive/d/MyDocuments/qnx/test/src/gcc_ntoarmle/test: 1: Syntax error:
word unexpected (expecting “)”) in the console for PhAB window