LAN switch


We have configured 7 computers for QNX (4.25) network. We are using a
LAN switch (10/100) switch of D-Link make. We have observed that normally
the all node are able to see rest of the machines on the network. But
sometimes, each machine is unable to see rest of the machines sitting on
the network. All of our computers have 2 nos. of PCI ethernet cards (3Com’s
3C905 -10/100) installed. We are using Net.ether905 driver for configuring
the cards in QNX.

Whenever network is down, with power to LAN switch reset, network link gets
restored. We replaced the switch with another switch of same make. Within a
few days we observed the same problem once again. When the networked
computers are running as Windows peers, switch does not show any

What may be the problem? Must we use a specific make of switch for QNX
network? Are there any specific switches required to be specified for the
driver (autonegotiation, half duplex/full duplex etc)?

Thanks in advance,