QNX Neutrino compatibility with 1/4 LCD panel

Hello All,

I recently used RTP–with great success–for a robotics project, and now I’d
like to use it for another project, but this time with a display. I’m
planning on using a JUMPtec MOPSlcd6 SBC and the corresponding ‘cable’ for
the LCD display. My chief concern is making sure that QNX will be
compatible with the JUMPtec LCD adapter. Has anyone had success/problems
with getting the JUMPtec LCD adapter to work in QNX?

I tried searching the QNX newsgroups for similar projects, but couldn’t find
anything closely related. The QNX h/w compatibility list lists the C&T69000
as being compatible. Is this all that I need to know?

Mark Shewfelt