Newbie problem - modem and soundcard installation problems

I have installed QNX RTP 6.0.1.

I have two modems: PCI Winmodem and “real” ISA modem

I have an ESS ES 1868 PnP soundcard (I believe it’s SoundBlaster Pro
compatible, but under BeOS I also have had problems with it)

ISA modem has been jumped to “PnP” because if I jump it to COM1 or
COM2 my Windows98 don’t even detect the port, let alone the modem.

“PnP OS installed” in BIOS is disabled.

In dialer I can choose between “/dev/ser1” and “/dev/ser2” but I don’t
find those directories in file manager.

Also, when booting I see a message similar to “io-audio can’t mount \n
possible reason: device not present”

P.S: I’m new to Unix alltogether so please don’t give me some cryptic
instructions and explanations

P.P.S:What really confuses me: When I load QNX demo disk it detects my
modem without any trouble.

Thank you VERY much.