Disable Photon Automatic start-up

Hi there.
Gotta two questions

1 - I’d like to know how to disable photon from automatically start up at boot time.

2 - Other thing, when you boot you can pass some parameters to the kernel by pressing space bar, for example, disable EIDE autodetect, disable some kind of devices, it’s there a way to make those parameters permanent and not having to select F1, F2 and so on?


To the first question:

If you create the /etc/system/config/nophoton file, photon will be disabled
at the boot time.

To the second, you can create an image file so QNX will use the settings
of your image file to boot.

In qnx.com/developers/articles/index.html look at the articles
about how to create an image file:

Making Buildfiles for the QNX® Neutrino® RTOS
by Akhilesh Mritunjai

Making Buildfiles for the QNX® Neutrino® RTOS Part 2

I hope it helps

Ok, Lotta thanx…