6.1.0 -> 6.2.0 - DHCP broken?


I’m having a problem with DHCP in QNX 6.2.0. With the previous 6.1.0
version (completely default, I didn’t change any setup other than to enter
my DHCP server IP), everything worked fine. On installing 6.2.0 and entering
the DHCP server IP, I’m given a message that:

“netmanager error: dhcp.client: Could not reach DHCP server on interface en0
netmanager error: Could not configure DHCP on interface en0”

This is using the identical hardware and network setup (DLink DI-713P
wired/wireless router [] connected directly to a LinkSys NC100
Ethernet card in the QNX machine). I’ve tried multiple times without
success, and reverting to 6.1.0 lets everything work again. I’m wondering if
anybody else has hit the same problem, and if so what’s the solution?


Michael R. Tomkins