Creating bootable QNX CD from .ifs file.

I am trying to build a QNX boot CD. I have already made my .ifs file but it’s little over 1.44mb for it to be go into a floppy. I was wondering how I can go around this ? Can I just make a bootable CD instead?

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Hope the attached package will be help.

I guess my question is then, making this image file with the command

dd if=/dev/fd0 of=/floppy.img

currently my image file is too big to fit on a fd0. So I only have ifs file
which is 14M (it’s a embedded photon boot image). Which means I can not execute the above command.

Is there a direct way of making a *img file from *.ifs file?

Ok, I am trying to use the mkisofs and it came up with the iso file.
I burned the CD and tried booting.
it couldn’t execute any of the executable file in the CD. I tried including all my executables in my boot image but I can not include all the required share libraries because the boot image gets too big (14M).

I will post my boot image here

[virtual=x86,bios +compress] .bootstrap = {

[+script] .script = {
procmgr_symlink …/…/proc/boot/ /usr/lib/

devc-con -n1
waitfor /dev/con1
reopen /dev/con1

[+session pri=10o] PATH=/proc/boot:/usr/bin:/usr/photon/bin
PHOTON_PATH=/usr/photon PHOTON=/dev/photon PHFONT=/dev/phfont

display_msg Welcome to Neutrino! Starting Photon.

invoke photon server:

photon &
waitfor /dev/photon

#setup mouse and keyboard:

inputtrap start

#start graphics driver:

io-graphics -g640x480x8
waitfor /dev/phfont

start window manager:


#start applications:
phcalc_sm &
phview &


#photon files:


#Font libraries and fonts:




how can I make this boot CD if I want to boot this build file?
I tried taking out the libraries and put them in the CD so that I can
reduce the size of the image file but when I do that and try booting, the system can’t seems to find those directories… help!!!

As mario mentioned in this thread, there is a 3M limit (I think the true limit may be 2.88M).

Ok, let me start my question over again.
I would like to make a boot CD that will allow me to run Photon server so that I can run my Photon application on my target System ( My target system is just another PC with CD rom and Harddrive and everything) I made my Build file as described above, but the size of the image is too big. So I would like to know how I can make a smaller Image size < 1.44mb, and add those other files or lib. to my boot image after.

I have looked into mkefs and mkimage with but it seems like mkefs is more relevent to Flash and I can not find mkimage command in my QNX 6.3 (licensed version). And I am not sure what mkimage can do??? does this util combine multiple images together to one big one? If so, even if I have created small boot image, and a large filesystem, when I combine the two images, wouldn’t that just make another huge image which I can’t not boot disk from?

I would really appriciate your answer on this… thanks bunch

Answered here: