Spawning photon applications to Phindows running remotely

I have a problem spawnling applications using the Windows Momentics IDE w/ Phindows.

I have 3 programs that I’m developing. The first one is a background application and the other two are photon applications. The background application launches the two photon applications through the spawnl() command.

If I run the code on a self-hosted machine, the two photon applications comes up on screen fine. However, if I try to run it remotely, the text feedback from the background application is returned remotely but the two photon application is launched on the self-hosted machine’s screen.

I have tried passing the -s /dev/ph{pid of current Phindows} argument to the background application’s argument tab (since it’s described similiarly in the phAB’s documentation) but there’s no change.

Is there some argument I can pass to the photon applications (through spawnl() perhaps?) that would make the two photon apps to display on the remote phindows?

After much testing, I have found a method to spawn applications to the remote windows.

By passing the appropriate device name to spawnle, for example, /dev/ph12345 where /dev/ph12345 is the device of the remote Phindows, the application will be spawn to the remote host.

The way to run it is to do spawnle(… argument, NULL, env_list);

where env_list is an array of characters in the following form:

char *env_list[] = {“PHOTON=/dev/ph12345”,NULL};