io-net module problems migrating from 6.2.1+QCC to 6.3.0+GCC

Hi all,

I’m modifying some code that used to work fine in 6.2.1NC enviroment. Basicly I add some new features and try to build on 6.3.0NC (expired PE) but I meet some problems (original code meets same problem mentioned below).

  1. QCC stopped working after the expiration period … so I switched to GCC

  2. Compilation is successfull, and the io-net module ( is build

  3. When I try to mount it following happens:

    mount -T io-net ./

    mount: Can’t mount / (type io-net)
    mount: Possible reason: No such device or address

I haven’t tried 6.3.0 QCC because the lack of time to code during the expiration period, so i can not say for sure that GCC is the problem.

Any ideas where the problem is. I can attach the source code if this would help. Thanks in advance.

This thread may be helpful for you to temperarily re-activate your eval license and test to see if it is a QCC/GCC problem.