Senior Progammer Available

Soon I will be leaving my current assignment. I am seeking a new position,
hopefully permanent, working in the QNX environment.

Here is a short list of my qualifications:

  • Over 25 years experience as a programmer.
  • 15 years experience working in the QNX environment.
  • I have used nearly ever OS feature that QNX4 has to offer.
  • I have developed with QNX6 for over a year.
  • I am very proficient with many programming languages, especially C/C++ &
    Intel ASM.
  • I am a proficient FLEET & TCP/IP Socket level programmer.
  • I have developed many fault tolerant distributed systems.
  • I have developed many hardware level, and protocol level device drivers on
    several platforms.
  • I was the chief architect bringing two multi-million dollar products to
  • I was a senior architect in several other large scale distributed systems.
  • I have managed other developers and projects.
  • I am a good communicator. I can listen to customer requirements and write
    good, detailed and easily understood project specifications.
  • I am a good teacher. I have helped train other developers, managers and
    clients in the proper and efficient use of software systems.
  • I am a good diagnostician. I can examine data flow to/from multiple
    systems and help to pin point where a fault lies.
  • I like to over see all aspects of a project, from its initial
    conception/design, through its development and productization to its final
    installation. Afterwards I like to keep in touch with my customers to learn
    of new ways that my products can be improved.
  • I am good at assimilating data from many sources, boiling it down to the
    important facts and acting on and reporting that information to others.

I am a hard worker. I love the work I do and I take real pride in the
products I develop. All of my employers have considered me a significant
asset to their firms. References are available on request along with a
complete work history and resume.

If you are interested in my qualifications, please contact me and we can
discuss further how I might benefit your firm. I am ready and willing to
relocate for the proper position.

Bill Caroselli – 1(626) 824-7983
Q-TPS Consulting