user package vs *.so files


I am building my own QNX package using the “packager” and “pkg-installer”
I can build it easely but I get a problem when installing the *.so (shared
objets) files with pkg-installer.

When the pkg-installer tries to install the lib*.so files, I shows a Missing
Dependencies warning windows

Hoverwer, If I ignore this warning and clicking on [contiue]-[install]
buttons, the installation proceds correctlry to the end.

I then decided to do a test with a mimimum package that contains 1 single so
with a “hello world” like function: I still have the same problem

I compile my so with this command: cc- shared -o test.c -v
(from the QNX help files)

This problem occurs on QNX 6.1.0a and 6.2.0.

Maybe I forgot to include some imporant linking

Does anyone else already had encountered this problem before ?


Maxime Bareau