Problem on create sqlite database in RAM-Disk

I installed the sqlite2.7.3 from the 3rd disk,it runned well.
But when I tried to create a database in the RAM Disk, one errors occured as followed:

sqlite /dev/shmem/ex1

SQLite version 2.7.3
Enter “.help” for instructions
sqlite> create table tb(one smallint);
SQL error: database is locked
Can anyone tell me what has happened!
Thanks -_-!

QNX’s RAM Disk doesn’t implement the full features of a “normal” disk. Not sure if this is a “feature” or “bug”. You might to report this to QSS.

BTW, have you tried Rob’s ramdisk ?

I have tried to find it.But it seems like that the beta release has ended up.
Does anyone got a copy?I would be really appreciated if you can send me a copy!
My email is

Robert released/put RAMDISK in his new book “QNX Cookbook” and removed it from his website. You could either buy the book, or ask someone who has the book to copy the source code from the included CDROM and send it to you.