Bug? Inconsistency between multiple versions of "limits.h"

The QNX 2.60 distribution has multiple versions
of “limits.h”, and there are some inconsistencies
between them. There’s one in


(which is the only place in /usr that has “new” and “new.h”),
and there’s the main one in


They’re different, which isn’t unreasonable, since one
is machine-specific.

The problem is that if I have


in my search path, the “limits.h” from there is pulled
in by “sys/neutrino.h”. But that “limits.h”
doesn’t define “NGROUPS_MAX”, which “neutrino.h” needs.

The Standard Template Library requires “new.h”.
So using the STL and Neutrino calls in the same program
seems to yield an include conflict.

A workaround is to copy “new”, “new.h”, and
“exception” from


to some place in the current project. There are
no machine dependencies in those files; they don’t
need to be per-platform includes.

Is this is a bug, or am I missing something?

John Nagle

John Nagle wrote:

The QNX 2.60 distribution has multiple versions

Correction, 6.20. Sorry