Distributed Net's RC5-72 clients for QNX

I am not sure this has been announced here, if so, my appologies up
front. :slight_smile:

Astra Network has taken over the maintenance of the d.net clients for
both QNX4 and QNX6. If you are unfamiliar with distributed.net’s
programs, I suggest you take a look at www.distributed.net and you can
see what they do. The short answer is a framework for tackling various
problems, using the internet as a distributed computer.

Although I admit is probably more geek factor than anything else, brute
forcing RC5 keys is interesting in it’s own way, and we weren’t using
the idle cpu time anyway. :slight_smile:

QNX is currently placed 10th in OS/CPU distribution on the RC5-72
contest and I think we can do better. You can get QNX clients for QNX4,
QNX6 x86, QNX6 arm and QNX6 ppc from www.distributed.net/download. If
there is a demand for other QNX6 architectures, put in a request through
the bug/feature request system at distributed.net and we will provide
it. We are unable to test the other architectures, which is why they
are not available.

Let’s move QNX up in the OS/CPU distribution and show what we can do. :wink:


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