How to replicate QNX Compact Flash?

I have QNX installed on a CF card, and want to get an image of it, so I can copy it to another CF card. I tried using dd on another system but the new CF wouldn’t boot. Any ideas?

More info needed, what did you dd? Was it the .boot or the partition, eg: /dev/hd1t79, or the whole disc, eg: /dev/hd1, ?

I’d think dd’ing the whole disc would work.

Only if they are the same goemetry (assuming dding of /dev/hd?)

Yes. One thing I have noticed is that different PC BIOSes will select different translation modes for the same compact flash. So even if the CF copies fine, and can be read on one PC, when you transfer it to another (arbitrary) PC it won’t necessarily work. I have seen machines with a BIOS that allows one to specify the translation mode for on-board CF sockets.

Thanks, I’m glad my confusion wasn’t unfounded … I have just been fiddling with a SCSI setup and found it doesn’t exibit such behaviour, well not with the drive I was playing with atleast, so I guess it’s an ATA problem.

I tried dd if=/dev/hd0 of=test.img,
but when I boot off it, I just get the beginning of the bootloader, and then it stops. I am using grub, so it just prints “GRUB” and stops.