Monitor Query from a Newbie

I am very new to QNX , I am using QNX version 4.24 - on a dell optiplex gxa
and I believe it has a 3D Rage Pro AGP video card - I have just installed a
ViewSonic 20.9 inch monitor on it. It detects the monitor no problem, but
the mouse is ghosting and a black line will flicker across the screen. I
had connected a 17 inch monitor to the computer and there was no problem at
all with it. Do you know how to correct the problem? or if it possible to
use this monitor at all? I cannot find how to adjust the monitor/video
settings in QNX and since I am so new I do not know where to look. Can you
help me?

Also another question - I can send messages from one node to another no
problem, at one time when you sent a message it would pop up on the screen
of the computer it was sent to. Now it will go to the other computer but it
will not pop up on the receivers node. Do you know how to correct this? I
have a program called maildog on there but cannot find any information about
this program at all.

I thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope I have given you all
the information you need - if not pls let me know.