[AN] DACHSview demo available

Hi all,

DACHSview is a cross-development tool for fast visual
programming of real-time applications.
The reusability of functionblocks is excellent !

Newest feature:
DACHSview supports additionally access to hardware
resources like dual ported memory, IO addresses, and
interrupt handling.
SRR based resource managers for e.g. DAQ boards can be
developed now in a fast and convenient way, that means
every proprietary I/O interface can be integrated.
Screen shots are on

BTW, DACHSview supports also cyclic IEC61131-3 threads.
(Soft-PLC with SFC, FBD)

If you would like to check out the DACHSview demo version,
please send an email with your name and address of your
company, institute or university to:

You can also call to +49 6431 529366


js at steinhoff-automation dot com
STEINHOFF Automation & Fieldbus-Systems