QNX 6.1 and PCL858Card

Hi to all,
I’m trying to mount an Advantech PCL858+ multiserial board under QNX 6.1 but
I’m not able to make it work. The card has a 16c554 chipset, which sould be
compatible with the devser8250 driver, and I’ve mapped it to a free
address/irq (300H & IRQ9) but it has also a reserved address named “Vector
Address”, which ranges from 200H to 3F0H .
I’ve tried varius configurations but the result is the same: the driver
keeps to run in memory (polling the card ??Not sure of what it does) and
doesn’t creates the devices in /dev/ser. Moreover sometimes, changing the
Vector Address I’ve got conflicts with the mouse!! othertimes it would work
but when I reboot the PC without changing anything the problem reappears.

Does anyone has some suggestions ?

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