Alsa 2 message error

I work with QNX 4.25 and I’d would like to install a PC 104 sound card
(Crystal-MM-HP of Diamond Systems Corporation). The AudioDrive chip is
an ESS1869F with is sound blaster compatible. Moreover the installation
works since it works under DOS.
So, I’ve just downloaded the alsa 0.2 audio driver binaries.
To load the driver, I tape :
deva-sb -p220 -i11 -d0,1
And under /dev, I have the following new devices :

Then, I try to play a wave file, using aplay :
aplay filename.wav
The out is :
Aplay : version 0.0.8 by Jaroslav Kysela <>
Error : audio open error : Ressource busy

I tried a lot of things but nothing goes right…

Thanks for your help,
Sandrine Pradon.