Shuting down QNX

I want to shutdown qnx, but I want the HW to turn off too.
I tryed to use:
shutdown -b
but this only shows me a black screen with the message that I can reboot safely my computer.
I’m using an ATX, so the problem is not the source of power
any ideas?


There is no power management code in the default QNX distros yet, you will need to add it yourself. That said, Rick has done some work in that dept…

Isn’t there a TDK (technology development kit) sold by QNX to do just that?

thanks for your help, although it did not work for me
i’m using qnx neutrino v6.3.0, it should do the trick, right?

Just tried it on my 6.3 box and it worked fine.

What error did you get?