My LAN is invisible

I installed QNX (6.2.1), again, on a PC in university for doing some experiments. I managed quite fine, the thing recognized my NIC, so i was happily adding default gateways and DNSs and manually set IP. I got the internet working so i got a package or two, but i was kind of surprised to see that i cannot even ping PCs on the LAN - in the same room. Those a re Windows machines. Now - Ping does not work for between subnets in my university, for reasons known only to the administrators, but pinging a machine in the local subnet used to work. This kin of bothers me because i need to access the other machines and vice-versa.

I can deal enough with *NIX systems , but I’m not really into QNX and Networking, so any suggestions on what i could be doing wrong are going to be of great help.

Oh, BTW - pinging localhost/ does work, of course but pinging the QNX machine with its own IP does not give result.

Also - the DNS machines are outside of the network - i use my ISP machines because we have only WINS for the damn network and DNS are empty fields on the windoes machines (I have no idea how that one works i admit).

And I gather pinging the gateway fails too?

Try finishing the installation. The second part of the 621 install needs to be done after you boot into the gui. This is particular to 621 as it starts off as 620 and is upgraded at the second part.

Well i actually did that, bacause it asks for it on the first boot and without finishing the installation the system doesn’t even detect my NIC, so i cannot make any configuration.

Pinging the gateway/wins/proxy - nothing works. Pinging the HTTP proxy should not work because it is in other subnet, as i explained before but i can connect and use it without a problem.

Sorry, a double post here - my internet is kinda slow today.

Good. Don’t expect a recent version windoze to play ball though.

There must be something on the local LAN, other than the windoze boxes, that allows you to talk to the gateway; try pinging it.

Recent Windows default to enable firewall and filter the incoming ICMP (ping) packets.

Can you ping the QNX from the Windows box?

what is your network card? Are you using the correct driver for it? I run into this problem when using ISA network card, where I can connect to internet but my machine is invisible to the local network. I am too trying to find out what is the cause of all this. But I think it has something to do with the network driver setting and or how “inetd” and other services are executed before the actual network driver is loaded.