how to install QNX6.3 into a DELL 700m laptop, pls?

I am just a newbie for QNX, and just know such a great place. Could anyone let me know how to install the QNX6.3 into a DELL 700m laptop ?(only text mode needed, and need a tiny installation, i.e., as simple as possible, just for control learning, programming needed)

Thanx a lot!

Happy weekend!

NTFS. Can I install QNX?

Repartition your disk to leave room for a QNX install.

You can also install a virtual machine such as VMWare, VirtualPC and I think Boch (free). This help get rid of any compability issue and the need to repartion your harddisk. You do loose some performance though when it comes to IO (network/HD/video) and any real-time capability.