Problem stacking raw apps


I’ve got a problem with the 4.25C Net manager -S option. Looks like in
some cases stacking raw apps crashes Net. For instance, after typing
the following sequence…

On /dev/con1

Net -A -S -E 1 &
Net.ether1000 -P -M -v &
netmap -f
netsniff -S -T 2

On /dev/con2

/usr/ucb/Socklet -p 0 -L gorba &

…and waiting a few seconds… Bang! Net SIGSEGVs here. What to start
first, netsniff or Socklet, it does not matter, the result is always
the same. Running netsniff not in statistics mode does OK, problems
arise only
when -S option is specified to netsniff.

My versions are: QNX 4.25D, TCP/IP 4.25B (with Socklet 4.24H).

Can anyone give a hint?


  • Nick


H-e-l-l-o-o! Any Net people around? Or maybe the gold service plan
terms have changed? :wink: